Download your books

To read a book offline, you'll need to download it while you still have Internet access. To do this:

  1. Click on the "Download" icon located below your book in your bookshelf.
  2. When completed, the "Download" icon will turn green.

After your book is downloaded, you can interact with it as normal. The notes and highlights you create during your offline session will be available when you go back online again.

Searching your books offline

You can only search your books offline if you have downloaded the book. Please be aware that the search function has reduced quality when offline. For example, the number of search results is limited. 

Note about logging out

When you log out of the app, you must download your books again to access them offline. This is due to copyright restrictions. However, this makes Lix access easy, allowing you to login to any computer—not just your own.  

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