In the Lix bookstore, there is a function to open the Lix app (and book). It looks something like this: 

However, you may run into occasional problems. This generally tends to happen when the Lix app is not installed. To install the Lix app properly, please follow the instructions below. We'll start with installing the Lix Classic app for gymnasium users. Then we'll walk through the steps for all other users. So sit back and keep scrolling. 

Gymnasium User? Click this link, then download Lix for Mac, Windows or Linux. 

Take a quick peek below to see the necessary steps for gymnasium users :)

Not a gymnasium user? Follow these steps to download Lix. 

First off, click on this link:
Then, download the Lix app (as shown below). Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

How do I install the Lix app on my desktop?

You're almost there! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show (see below). In a few simple steps, you can easily install Lix to your PC or laptop 😄

For Mac users:

For Windows users:

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