Let's move on to dessert—and today's special is the Lix Reader.  To begin, let's take a look at how you jump back and forth between the Reader and your bookshelf. 

Note: When we say Reader, we mean when you are inside one of your books.

Check out the GIF below for more details:

Table of Contents

Imagine the scenario: you've just spent 20 minutes flipping through a 700-page printed textbook to find that one chapter you need. It's literally taking forever! With Lix, just jump to the Table of Contents inside your book and click on the chapter you're looking for—just like this: 

Search through individual books and notes

There are two Search features within the Lix app: 1) the Global Search bar is located on your bookshelf, which lets you search through ALL your books, comments and highlights, and 2) when inside your textbook, the Advanced Search feature lets you search through INDIVIDUAL books, comments and highlights. This way, you can search through whatever book you have open. And whatever word or phrase you type in the search bar, you'll get a list of all chapters, pages, comments and highlights containing that word. Brilliant! 

Zoom in to never zone out

Want to switch up your reading experience? To get up close and personal, zoom in. Have 20/20 vision? Zoom out! Or zoom to fit the page. The choice is totally up to you. Here's how you do it: 

One page or two? 

Single or double? The choice is yours. You can even choose whether or not you'd like to scroll. See below to learn more: 

Highlighting your books

Hover and drag over the words, phrases or sentences you'd like to highlight. A menu bar will automatically appear. From here, choose the color—blue, green, orange or red. Learn more on highlighting here

The Lix Dictionary 

In real life, dictionaries are probably the heaviest books in the world. Just imagine lugging one to class! Don't worry—the Lix Dictionary won't weigh you down. Not only that, it's gonna save you tons of time looking up words. Simply hover over a word and click on Dictionary to get a quick definition.  Here's how it works:

Translate troublesome text

Amigos, venner, friends—sometimes you need to translate text because it simply makes more sense in your native language. With Lix Translate, you can easily do just that! Check out the example below: 

How to make comments in my books

Within Lix Classic, you can also write comments directly in your books. Give them a headline to find them quickly and easily—by topic or level of importance. Highlight your comments to color-code your learning. Red? That's urgent! Green? You know it, but might need a brush up. It's easy—see below to learn more, or check out this helpful blog

Keep your comments organized

Now that you've made a bunch of comments in your books, you'll need a place to store them. Simply click on the 'Comments' icon (see below) and voilà—all your comments will magically appear. Search by color or comment—it's totally up to you. Here's how it works: 

Lix shortcuts

Cut some corners with these shortcuts. There are multiple shortcuts you can use in the Lix Classic app to make your life just a little bit easier, and to speed up the way you learn. Check it out: 

My friends, we have come to the end of our journey together. You're now equipped with everything you need to begin your big Lix adventure. However, like a guardian angel, I will be looking over you. You can either contact me via the chat service or reach me at support@lix.com. I'm always happy to help. It has been a pleasure. Good luck using Lix!

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