Download your books

Time to get to the main course! You're now in the Lix app. See your bookshelf? Now, see those books sitting there on your shelf? They need to be downloaded so you can start reading them (even when you're offline). So go ahead, start downloading your books. And if you need some additional help, watch the short GIF below. 

Want to hide your books? 

Have something to hide? You can hide books from your bookshelf at any time. But don't worry—they're not going anywhere. Reveal them when you're ready by switching off the 'Only show hidden books' icon.  

Want some more info on your book? 

Some of you might want to get a little bit more info on the books you have on your bookshelf. Simply click on the three dots (...) to get an overview of your book—things like the ISBN number, author and publishing year. Watch the GIF below to see how it's done!

There is also a set of three dots (...) that work a bit differently. They'll redirect you to your profile settings and shortcuts. See below for more information. 

Global Search: Search through all your books and notes

Sometimes, you may want to search through all your books on your bookshelf at the same time—to find things like key terms, definitions, highlights, comments/notes or maybe even a good pun. Lix makes it super easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Use Global Search to find what you need, when you need it. See how it works below: 

How to keep your bookshelf organized 

Sort your bookshelf the way you like—A to Z or Z to A. You can even sort it by what you've recently opened. Here are your options in action! 

My Files: Save your PDFs right in the Lix app

One of Lix's awesome new features is 'My files'. Here, you can upload all your PDFs from school, work and life right into the Lix app. See how it works below: 

Name your PDFs whatever you like 

Rename your PDFs to whatever floats your boat—the choice is yours. Here's how it works:

Removing PDFs from your shelf 

Is a PDF giving you nightmares? Maybe it's time to get it out of your life. Here's how to remove it from your life for good! 

Exam Mode: Take Lix with you on your big day 

Now, we have to talk about that 'thing'. Not THAT thing...the EXAM thing. We know, it's not that fun to even think of exams, but Lix does come fully equipped for those dreaded, stress-filled days. Check out Exam Mode below and see how to take us with you on your big day. No fun, trust me I know, but Lix does come equipped for those dreaded stress filled days with an exam mode which you can activate by doing this: 

Now you know everything there is to know about your bookshelf! Next step? Let's access the Lix reader. Click here to get started. 

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