Welcome to Part 3 of the Lix journey, where we'll quickly go over how to log in to the Lix App for University Students and Lix Classic for Gymnasium Users. Just like the rest of this guide, we'll use GIFs to show you exactly how to do it. I mean, who doesn't love a good GIF? 

Are you a gymnasium user? You'll need Lix Classic. 

So gymnasium users...you guys have a super-duper exclusive login option only open to you—no one else. It's even got a special name—uni-login. But if you prefer, you can log in with Facebook, or through the Lix account you may have created while following along with the other articles. Here is a GIF showcasing how to log in with your uni-login! 

Are you a university student? Login with your Google, Facebook or email account. 

Are you a university student? You have the option to log in with either your Google, Facebook or regular email account. Just make sure you use the same one you signed up to Lix with. 

Now that you're logged in, it's important to mention two things. First off, make sure all the books you buy (or claim) are under the same account. Otherwise, they will be scattered, and you'll have to go into multiple accounts to access your books. This makes it a bit tough to keep organized. The other important thing is that we love you guys! 

It's time to split off. Gymnasium users—click here. All other users—please click here. See you in the next article!

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