We have all enter those dreaded corners of the Earth where there is no WiFi. Of course, in these scenarios the first thing that comes to mind is: 'How on earth will I be able to read my books in the Lix app'? Fortunately, this comes with a simple answer. You download them. Hooray!

How to download your books in the Lix app

Downloading is very simple in the Lix app. Just click the Download icon located below each book on your desktop. Once your book has downloaded, the icon will turn green (as shown in the image below) and will have a fabulous green tick that tells you no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to read that book, Internet or not.  

A few things worth mentioning...

To begin with, it is not possible to download books as PDFs in the Lix app—this a rule from the publishers who don't want entire books to be downloaded and distributed elsewhere. Furthermore, if you log out of your Lix account, the books you have downloaded will no longer be available. So the next time you log in to your Lix account, you'll have to download the books again. Another minor detail to be aware of is that it is not possible to export books in the Lix app due to copyright restrictions. But that doesn't mean you can't import your PDFs into Lix. Keep reading...

Import your PDFs into Lix 

Is your professor notorious for handing out PDFs in class? Now you can scan them and import them directly into the Lix app. Learn more about importing PDFs into the Lix app here

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