Lix like all apps can can freeze up and just decide not to work anymore, and in simple terms the best thing to do is turn Lix off and on. To do that you will just have to force quit the program, and that is done by following these simple steps:


  1. Press (cmd+Q) 
  2. Reopen the app - now it should work


  1. Press (ctrl+alt+del) and close the Lix App
  2. Reopen the app - now it should work

If the window with the Lix app is all white, please check if your either sitting on a network with a firewall that blocks Lix or if you have a firewall installed locally on your laptop. Please allow Lix access through the firewall to enter the app. We promise we won't do anything bad.

If this didn't solve your problem or if you have any questions you're always welcome to reach out to us. :D

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