Customize my reading? Didn't think it was possible, right? Well, I guess I should say 'Welcome to Lix'. In this article, I will go through how you can customize your reading experience.

Page view

When you are in a book, you can view one or two pages at the same time. To change the page view, simply click on the "Page" icon, which is marked in the pictures below.

Single-page view

Double-page view

Zoom feature and reading settings


The features and settings you'll have access to depend on the format of your book (PDF or EPUB). If your book is formatted for EPUB, you can change the font size and line height for an improved reading experience.


If you have a book formatted for PDF, you can zoom in and out or zoom to fit your screen.

Fun fact: Did you know you can now upload your own PDFs in the Lix app? Read our insightful article, New In Lix: Upload Your PDFs Without Ever Leaving the Study App to learn more. 

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