If you want to see an overview of all your notes and highlights, click the "Note" icon, located in the left sidebar of your screen (highlighted). 

This opens up an overview of all your notes and highlight.

Filtering your notes and highlights

There are several ways you can filter your notes and highlights. Use the options available at the top of the "Overview" tab (highlighted) to activate the following:  

Show only notes
Show highlight colors
Show select colors

_Lix tip__: If you want some additional tips on using Lix features to improve your studies, check out our blog post,_ _3 Useful Lix Study Features You Might Not Be Using, but Should__. You may learn some nifty tricks, like color coding your highlights to easily sort them when preparing for exams. _

Searching for notes and highlights

You can also search for notes and highlights in the search bar. See more here: Searching in your books.
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