Some users have experienced their screen freezes and remains in a "white state" when starting the Lix app.

The issue might look like this: 

There are 2 possible solutions: 

Solution 1: Reset App

For Windows

Press (alt) and a menu bar will appear in the top left corner of the window. Click on "File," and then "Reset App."

Reset App on Windows

For Mac

Click on "Lix" in the top left corner of the window, and then click on "Reset App."

Reset App on Mac

Solution 2: Delete & re-install App

For Windows

Click "Go" in the upper left corner
Find "documents"
Insert this in the folder path:
Delete everything in the folder
Re-install Lix using this link:

For Mac

Open Finder
Press command+shift+G
Insert this in the text box: ~/Library/Application Support/Lix/
Delete everything inside this folder
Re-install Lix using this link:

The folder, where we want to delete the content from, should look something like this:

The Lix folder where you should delete everything inside

If none of the above solutions works, please contact our support ( or use the chat.
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